Hi, I'm Jungwon 👋

A Designer, Researcher, and Data Storyteller

I create thoughtful, context-aware, value-sensitive and human-centered design solutions. I'm passionate about improving people's lives through design.


UX/UI Designer at Walmart

I currently work as the UX/UI Designer at Global Tech, Walmart.

I'm a product designer and Human-Centered Interaction researcher based in NYC. I create a digital environment that is user-centered, context-aware, and value-sensitive.

I aspire to make a meaningful impact on people and the society, working at the intersection between technology, design, and accessibility. I design innovative, immersive, engaging, and empathetic experiences. I believe that data can make a meaningful societal impact, and it is the responsibility of the designers to consider such impacts on people, society, environment and to call for open discussions on the identified problems.
I like to investigate the relationship between people and technology through a variety of lenses. Informed by the social sciences theories, I design with consideration of the impact of information and communication technologies on both individual–people’s behavior and knowledge–and societal levels–culture, norms, policy, and legal implications.


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