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Saturday, Jan 20, 2018

I wonder when a person is so determined that the person overcomes the obstacles and pressures and rises above the surface. For me, Yuna Kim, the figure skater of South Korea is the embodiment of such powerfulness. She won the First place in 2010 Winter Olympics. While there are many figure skaters who came before her and there are many more who were to come after her, Yuna is special in that she is from a small Asian country - my home country. Considering her circumstances, it is just impossible for her to win the Olympics. Unlike many other world-class figure skaters, she has never had the support and financial resources for one athelete to succeed. Compared to her rival, Mao Asada, or any other figure skater of the world championship, Yuna did not even have a skating link, where she could concentrate on practicing by herself. She had to use a public skating link for the most of her practice, and when practicing, she faced attention and unreasonablerequests from the oblivious and often rude public. Yet, despite all this, she rose above what was expected of her and grabbed the First place in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I often complain that I do not have the best house, best financial resources in the world to be able to focus just on what I am doing. However, the thing is, that all these and all that are just excuses. Those are irrelevant. Often the hardest, the most beautiful of all, is made under pressure, made through obstacles. Maybe, because it is made under such difficult circumstances, it is worth, and it is beautiful.

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